Archbishop Dean Bekken

Archbishop Bekken is the senior member of the clergy of the Church. He was ordained priest in 1969 for the Liberal Catholic Church (LCC), elevated to Vicar General a few years later, and finally consecrated a Bishop in 1979.

He was the Presiding Bishop of the LCC for 14 years.  He is the founding
Bishop of the Universal Catholic Church and presently serves as its Presiding Bishop.  Abp. Bekken's academic background includes engineering, receiving a BS in 1962 and an MS in 1964 in electrical engineering both from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, although religion, philosophy, and music classes were part of his undergraduate program.

Later, he studied law, receiving his Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego in 1971.  He also has an (honorary) Doctor of Divinity from the St. Alban Theological Seminary where he also taught.

He presently teaches units in the Seminary's sequences in Catholic Church History, Liberal Catholic Movement History, Theology, Liturgics, and Canon Law.  Managing the St. Alban Press is one of his responsibilities and he has been in charge there since the 1970's.  He is married and has seven children, all now adults, and lives in Tucson, Arizona.

The Most Reverend Tony Jack Howard

Native of Dallas, Texas
B.A. University of Dallas (English)
M.A. Southern Methodist University (English)
M.L.A. Southern Methodist University (Religious Studies)
Pastor, St. Clement of Alexandria Parish (since its founding in 2000)
Professor of English & World Religions, Collin College (Plano, Texas)
Married with two children
Ordained Priest in 2000
Consecrated Bishop in 2011
A Month of Sundays: Occasional Sermons of a Liberal Catholic Priest (St. Alban Press, 2010)
Edited The Collected Works of James I. Wedgwood (St. Alban Press, 2004)

The Most Reverend  Robert Winzens

Ordained as Anglican Priest in 1998
Incardinated into the Liberal Catholic Church International in 2000
Pastor of St. Francis Liberal Catholic Cathedral Chapel, San Diego in 2001
Accredited through American Associate of Christian Counselors
Vicar General to Diocesan Bishop of California in 2003
Consecrated Bishop in 2008 by Archbishop Dean for the Universal Catholic Church
Rector of seminary and professor of Theology